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I am a non-profit executive specializing in Israel education and advocacy (check out our website at The Big Shift is devoted to a side passion--my belief that the new economy and a changing society require that we rethink how we parent, educate our kids and run our workplaces. I started writing publicly about my ideas in recent months in such publications as the Washington Post and Education Week. Time to kick it up a notch!

While The Big Shift is devoted to developing a set of ideas, it is also deeply personal. I have two sons who are "ADHD." If the diagnosis was around when I was a kid, they would have said the same about me. Both my boys struggle in the monoculture that is school. Their weaknesses are inflated and strengths devalued. I want to help create a society that recognizes the diversity of strengths necessary for human progress.

My basic proposition: Our new and still emerging economy provides untold opportunity for millions of people to bring their passions to the marketplace. It allows for and even insists on individuality, rather than conformity. Unfortunately, rather than embrace this new reality, we pretend that we are in the old economy operating under the old rules. Our parenting hasn't changed. Our schools haven't changed. Our workplaces haven't changed. We are scared to take the plunge and allow others to do the same. We maintain a value system that insists on compliance and conformity, and holds us back.

The Big Shift will push the discussion along on how we can get ourselves and our kids ready for this next phase of the human journey.

Disclaimer: The opinions in The Big Shift are strictly my own and do not reflect the views of my employer.