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Michael Paul Goldenberg

Well, it's not quite that cut and dried. There is clearly a long-term privatization effort going on that can readily be traced back to the Reagan Administration and probably without over-exaggerating to the Nixon Era.

Do you think all of America's business leaders are so clueless that they really believe all that "America's is failing because our schools are failing" crap?

Eli Broad, Bill Gates, the Walton Family, the DeVos Family, and other billionaires actually have a strategy. They're not stupid. They pay for the data they want and use it to leverage the deals they're looking to make to buy public education.

Read Diane Ravitch's new book, or Berliner's THE MANUFACTURED CRISIS from '95, or THE MISMEASURE OF EDUCATION by Jim Horn which just came out. This isn't happening by accident.

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School Reform Gone Awry: The Problem isn’t Corporate Greed, it’s Corporate Data - The Big Shift

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